Accelerating your drug development and approval
Drug development & approval

Clinical supply solutions

You have a promising drug molecule and you are preparing for Preclinical or Early Phase Clinical Studies?
You are looking for contractors who can characterize, formulate, GMP produce, label and release your clinical trial material?
Why involving various suppliers when one partner is able to meet your clinical supply material needs?

Our business is to develop and manage your clinical supply materials, from design to delivery.  We bring your API to clinics within a typical timeframe of 6 to 12 months. 
Our winning assets are our versatility and customized approach. We will identify the most cost-effective solutions for your project under the care of a dedicated project manager.
You will appreciate the high quality of our services and our thorough knowledge of the regulatory requirements. 

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct
 Solubility & excipient compatibility                    

 Formulation concept screening                    

 Concept stability testing and optimisation                    

 Analytical development                    

 Non-GMP representative batch manufacturing                    

 Non-GMP representative batch stability testing                    

 IMPD writing and submission                    

 GMP batch manufacturing and labeling                    

 GMP batch control and release